Just apologizing or saying I’m sorry does not win back a client. This blog article is a follow-on to “Sure Fire Ways To Retain Your Best Clients” (Retain) and “How To Grow Those Develop Clients Into Big Retain Clients”. It will give you a list of strategies, tactics and actions that will help you “Win Back” or “Regain” previous clients. The blog article is in bullet form. Let’s start with the Regain Client Description.

Regain Description

We will have received a large, or small amount of business in the past and have not had on-going or follow-on business for a certain peri... Read more

All businesses have a certain amount of attrition…clients move, competitors gain them, they go out of business etc. It is vital that we have a continual flow of new prospects in our sales funnel to offset the attrition and to gain market share. Every business needs strategies, tactics and actions to Gain new clients.

This is the 4th blog article in a series of blogs on how to retain, develop, regain and gain clients. Again it’s been written in bullet form for quick reading. Let’s start with the Gain Client Description.

Gain Description

Most likely, we have not real... Read more