If you want to be on social media you have to know how to do it. It’s not about just be there, it’s about your style, the way you use to publish content, the way you talk to your community…
Many things we have to care if we want to have ROI (Return on Investment).
I’ll give you some points to have success with your Facebook or Twitter page.
1) Be creative. It’s easy to launch a Facebook/Twitter page, everybody can do it. The customer needs to see your page as unique, not like another boring page.
2) Your profile pic must be your logo, or your brand pic. If you are yo... Read more

1. Use your real name. May be your real name is not available but try to chose the most similar. May be @BrandName is not available but you can options like: @Brand_Name or @BrandName_UK

2. Use a real picture or a real logo. We are talking about social media, to connect humans with humans so…be real. Your picture is your presentation card, don’t lie. If you are your brand, you have to put your picture, if you have a company, the profile pic must be the logo or something the people will identify with your company.

3. Your bio needs to be simple. Try to impact, you have 2 lines... Read more

Well, there are many reasons, but I’ll try to explain in 7 key points:

1. BY USING SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS YOU WILL IMPROVE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGEMENT You can give your customers another way to talk with you. You can offer them immediate answers to their problems, so they’ll perceive you as a good brand that cares their customers. Can i help you? How can i do it? These kinds of questions are really important, and your customers need to listen them often.

2. YOUR NEIGHBOORS ARE USING SOCIAL MEDIA Ok, you are not on social media channels because you don’t trust in social med... Read more