One of the greatest challenges that faces startups, according to the Seed Academy Startup Survey, is that startup companies are unable to generate traction in the market due to the lack of marketing and advertising. Without a recognizable name and band, businesses are unable to move past the first phases and acquire enough customers to scale their businesses up. But there are many communication and marketing platforms that can be used without incurring huge overhead costs and can be leveraged easily to generate public interest. They key is in the content.

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Large corporate salaries were a sure fire way of ensuring that you generated wealth and that your future financial needs were secured but today a large corporate salary may provide a comfortable lifestyle but will never make you rich. Making your salary work for you and into your future has never been more important, so is the need to understand an investment timeline and which asset classes will work the best over which time frames. Creating an investment timeline can give the investor an idea of how the factors like inflation can be accounted for and can inform smarter investment choices.... Read more