The Oystercatcher

For Derek Barber, when creating his unique concept of business networking, and as the avid fisherman he is, the only way he could explain his theory and method was to compare it to the complicated and intricate way of catching oysters. He explains…

We started catching metaphorical oysters 2009 in Jeffreys Bay/South Africa , a small fishing and surfing village ,with the aim of finding precious pearls. The new venture wasn’t easy as any entrepreneur knows, but we knew they were out there and we were committed to the search.

Oysters are less than attractive; in fact you could say that they are remarkably ugly. Some are small and don’t seem to fit the profile when you’re looking for a precious pearl, but we didn’t give up and so we took a chance and just opened every single one of them. As it is known; oysters are well protected with a hard, rough exterior shell and extremely difficult to open, so it took several cuts and bruises before working out which would be the best way to open them, whilst still maintaining the integrity of the pearl inside. So it was with our search for the pearls of our business.

In oyster catching and in business you can trip on the rocky terrain where the oysters are found, and even when you find them and prepare them, the wrong one might be rotten and detrimentally affect the health of your company. But with determination and belief you can overcome this and continue searching for the proverbial pearl.

On this adventure we managed to attract further like minded oyster catchers to join us. Even if we hadn’t achieved all that we had wanted to yet, our passion and undisputable desire to succeed encouraged them to join forces with us to improve our operation and expand our reach.

Time and error taught us how to select the most promising oysters and to keep away from the toxic, dangerous ones leading us to our eventual first pearl. This has lead to more oyster catchers, even those who at first had doubted our way, to join us. Pearls are found more regularly now and we have started to connect all these beautiful polished pearls to each other in a necklace of talent and expertise.

Teams of other oyster catchers have been started in other cities and our chain of stunning pearls have grown all the more, stretching world-wide.

Our goal is to create the largest string of uniquely gifted pearls that the world has to offer. We will expand our team; teach others to succeed and to soon make their own necklaces that they can wear and show with pride. We will connect new oystercatchers with the best pearl farmers: be it from whichever field, jewelry designers, sales people, business consultants, marketing experts, logistic & trading companies. We will inspire and assist you into becoming the expert in your industry or to becoming the black pearl of your industry- that which is most desired above all.

Wishing you all happy networking & maximum success,

Derek Barber